An Ecumenical Religious Community of Men and Women Uniting all in Faith

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As Ecumenical Missionaries we celebrate and continue our pilgrimage of searching for our purpose on earth. We bring young and old people together from many continents and cultures, we understand more and more deeply this reality that all humanity forms a single family, a single community and GOD lives within every human being without exception.
In the depth of the Human Spirit, lies the longing for a presence a silent yet strong desire and need for a communion. Let us never forget that this desire and need for GOD is already the beginning of Faith.

The Rule of St. Augustine


Written about the year 400, the Rule of St. Augustine is one of the earliest guides for religious life. A short document, it is divided into eight chapters:

Chapter I: Purpose and Basis of Common Life

Chapter II: Prayer

Chapter III: Moderation and Self Denial

Chapter IV: Safeguarding Chastity,and Fraternal Correction

Chapter V: The Care of Community Goods and Treatment of the Sick

Chapter VI: Asking Pardon and Forgiving Offenses

Chapter VII: Governance and Obedience

Chapter VIII: Observance of the Rule

Pray the Rosary

I pray the Rosary. Do you? Just think about it.


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